Domestic Work

Laundry - Dry Cleaning - Ironing Service

We are your local answer when it comes to fabric and garment care. Our staff can advise customers on the correct care of any garments. Our advanced commercial laundry equipment is set up to give the optimum clean the gentlest way possible.

Currently we have 2 different size machines on our premises. Our regular machines are approximately double that of a domestic washing machine and our larger machines are 4 times the size of domestic washing machine. We can therefor do anything from light delicates to very heavy items including the largest duvets. We use a commercial blend of soap powders and proven stain removers to eliminate most tough stains without affecting the fabric.

Our drying equipment is computer controlled to dry clothes and garments to the correct level to minimise shrinkage. We have a ‘Perma Dry’ System built into our dryers which often eliminates the need to iron some garments after the drying process.

The temperature controlled industrial ironing stations have heated tables combined with very high-pressure steam to replenish clothes back to sharpness.

Dry cleaning is carried out by our partner Elite Dry Cleaners who have been trading since 1964. They use the most efficient modern machinery to care for your clothes and garments. All garments are hand finished to ensure a perfect fresh finish.

Customers are given the choice to bring their order to our shop premises or take advantage of our free door to door collection & delivery service. Self-service is not available, as all work is carried out by our fully trained experienced staff.

Poss Tub Laundry Services are proud to be local. Based in Hebburn, we only employ local people. We are very proud of our dedicated workforce and our unrivalled commitment to the community. We are a family owned company and fully understand the needs of our customers. We have developed solutions to meet specific challenges and requirements and will advise on specialist cleaning methods where necessary.