Poss Tub Commercial Laundry Services

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Commercial Service Operations

Laundry, Garment Care & Finishing Processes

We never turn away any requests even if it is unusual. For instance, if garments are fire retardant and need specialist care, we can help. We also replenish and reproof materials if required. So whether it's industrial items, tableware or workwear we have the solution.

Dry Cleaning

Unlike most of our competitors, not only do we take care of commercial dry cleaning/laundry, we also offer management and staff access to our services at competitive rates, for example business suits and shirt services are available to all our Commercial Clients.

Alterations/Repairs and Manufacturing Services

Our vast array of Commercial Sewing Machines combined with fully qualified and experienced workforce ensures all repairs, alterations and manufacturing capabilities are carried out efficiently to the client's own specifications,

Collection and Delivery Service

We offer a free flexible pickup and delivery service to suit your needs, with the option of additional pickups/deliveries as and when required.

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